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What is Solar Pump System


What is Solar Pump System:

A solar-powered water pumping system is like any other pumping system, except its power source is solar energy. The process is elegant and simple.

Advantages of Solar Pumping

• SWP systems consume little to no fuel. By using freely available sunlight, they avoid the constraints of weak or expensive rural fuel supply networks.

• Unlike diesel-based systems (i. e., where a diesel generator powers the pump), solar pumping produces clean energy with zero or much reduced exhaust gases and pollutants.

• Solar pumping systems are durable and reliable. PV panels have a design life of over 20 years, and solar pumps have few moving parts and require little maintenance (unlike diesel pumps).

• Solar pumping systems are modular so can be tailored to current power needs and easily expanded by adding PV panels and accessories.

• Properly installed solar systems are safe and low risk due to low system voltage. Adequate protection minimizes fire risk.

PHAETON Solar Pump Inverters are special R&D and marketing for the Solar Pumping System as the key controller part.

PHAETON Solar Pump Inverter could provide the high efficiency and Stability for Pumping the water for farmer.

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What is Solar Pump System

What is Solar Pump System